What material is Inconel 625?

October 16, 2023

The material of Inconel 625 is a nickel chromium molybdenum iron alloy, containing elements such as niobium, titanium, and aluminum.

Inconel 625 is of course a super alloy that has gained a place in the modern world, and it also demonstrates the importance of continuous innovation in alloys to continue to meet the growing global energy demand. The specific chemical composition of Inconel 625 is: nickel 58%, chromium 20-23%, iron not less than 5%, niobium not less than 3.15%, molybdenum not less than 8%, titanium not less than 0.4%, and aluminum not less than 0.4%. Inconel 625 has the following characteristics: 1. Excellent corrosion resistance in extremely high temperature aqueous media up to 500 ℃. 2. Excellent stress corrosion resistance. 3. Good processability. The metallographic structure of Inconel 625 is a face centered cubic lattice structure

In the nuclear power industry, Inconel 625 has excellent resistance to high temperature and high pressure water, making it an important structural material for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. The Inconel 625 has a high temperature resistance of up to 1093 ° C and excellent antioxidant performance. Inconel 625 is a single austenitic structure with good structural stability and reliability at various temperatures. Based on the above performance characteristics, Inconel 625 is also known as a "superalloy".

Inconel 625 has been proven to have good corrosion resistance in rapidly flowing seawater and marine atmosphere, but pitting corrosion may occur in less flowing or almost stationary seawater. In addition, Inconel 625 also has good resistance to acidic gas media. The thermal expansion coefficient of Inconel 625 is 12.8 μ M/m · K, with a hardness of HB 170-220; Inconel 625 exhibits corrosion resistance in extremely acidic saline environments and in the presence of elemental sulfur at temperatures up to 2420 ℃.

In summary, one of the other key characteristics of Inconel 625 is its ability to resist corrosive water-based and high-temperature environments. In hot water conditions, it has been proven to have low corrosion rates and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Inconel 625 is very suitable for various low-temperature equipment. This alloy is mainly used for pump shafts and valve stems, conveyors, oil well drilling rings, components, valve pads, etc., and is suitable for petroleum, chemical shipbuilding, and electronics departments.