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Company News About Changzhou DLX Alloy Opening After the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Changzhou DLX Alloy Opening After the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Changzhou DLX Alloy Opening After the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Changzhou DLX Alloy Opening After the Chinese New Year Holiday.


February 1, 2022 is the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China and the most important festival for the Chinese people in a year. , is a day for family reunion, and all kinds of different and rich traditional activities are used all over the country to welcome the arrival of the new year. Changzhou DLX Alloy will have a holiday from January 28th to February 8th. Here, Changzhou DLX Alloy Co., Ltd, would like to extend New Year's greetings to all customers, friends and partners who support and trust us.


February 8 is the traditional eighth day of the Lunar New Year, a good day to start construction, indicating that the new year will bring rich rewards. On the day of the start of construction, our company first held a meeting. The content of the meeting included: a speech by the general manager, setting the tone for the struggle in 2022. All the staff spoke freely about the three warmest and most impressive things during the holiday. And finally made a small game to create a lively atmosphere for the first day of the new year.


The meeting went very smoothly and achieved the expected results. General Manager Diana, hope that in 2022, we will continue to struggle, continue to focus on customers, continue to learn and grow, and encourage each of us to keep exercising and keep our bodies healthy. The speeches of all the staff also revealed the warmth of the family that they fully experienced during the holiday. Everyone worked hard for the whole year to make the family happier.


In the afternoon, the general manager suggested that the whole company watch the movie "The Battle at Changjin Lake: Water Gate Bridge", which is a story about the heroic struggle and heroic sacrifice of the revolutionary predecessors in order to protect the country's territorial integrity. The Chinese people can only use their flesh and blood to block the Tuckers, planes, and cannons of the advanced revolutionary volunteer army, showing to the world our country's determination and will to defend territorial integrity, and creating a new era for the stable development of our new China. foundation of peace. The movie makes us feel that today's happy life is hard-won, and we can't squander this great time. We must continue to strengthen ourselves, improve ourselves, and contribute our weak strength to the development of the motherland.


After a day of meetings and team building, Changzhou DLX Alloy has fully invested in the battle of the new year. All customers are welcome to communicate and cooperate with us. We are also a team with strong will. The more difficult it is, the stronger we are. The more difficult the task, the better we can accomplish. 2022, fighting !